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A lot of people mistake Amsterdam for being the capital of The Netherlands, a title that actually belongs to The Hague, which is a testament to its true international standing as a city of repute the world over. Every year, millions of visitors flock to this, one of Europe’s most idyllic cities, for an enjoyable vacation along the many canals that wind their way through the city’s ancient streets, for shopping in the upscale boutiques and antiques shops that litter Amsterdam’s streets and for the roving nightlife that has received more than its share of backpackers curious about legalized marijuana and the Red Light District.

Sure, Amsterdam has its moments of being alternative, but that is what makes it such an interesting cultural study. Almost any Amsterdam travel itinerary can be filled at once with amazing art work in some of the world’s most renowned museums and, at the same time, amusing in its exploration of some of the world’s most liberal nightlife institutions.

What strikes most visitors during their first Amsterdam travel experiences is the abundance of scenery. The city is a veritable playground of amazing old buildings that seem to teeter precariously, their reflections wavering in the gentle currents of the canals that they preside over. Certainly, Amsterdam is a photographer’s paradise, but there is more to the city than simple idyllic buildings. If you want great food, the city is full of chefs producing some of the most avant-garde and delicious dishes in Europe. If it’s shopping you’re after, you will have no problem finding haute couture and individual designers in the many boutiques that peddle Amsterdam’s unique approach to fashion. Beaches, golf, museums - Amsterdam has a little bit of everything and makes for the perfect first stop on any beginner’s trip to Europe.


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